Program Features

Supports all Comcams directly, other camera modules can be added on request
Maximum supported image resolution: 720x576 PAL 24-bits (Wavelet compression)

Up to 30 frames per second (fps) full resolution video streaming

Allows recording and playing of the video with frame-based time- and datestamp. The files are compatible with iCam Deluxe, but can also be saved as AVI.

Video/Audio IP addresses can be selected from a list or manually

Supports all four inputs of the BNC unit (see

Two cameras can be displayed simultaneously. Switching between PIP (Picture In Picture) and main camera's can be performed on the fly (ie. the main image becomes small and the PIP goes full screen).

Since the ADV6 video codec is very CPU intensive, there are modes to achieve an acceptable speed even on slower (Pentium 1) systems. For example, the resolution of the output can be halved to double the decoding speed.

The priority of iCam can be altered to run system-friendly or to take all the machine’s resources and run at full speed
All the quality settings of the camera are supported. The framesize varies between 1-100kb depending on the settings and image

Audio streaming from any iCam Desktop or iCam Deluxe server is supported. iCam has a built in server as well to allow audio streaming to other machines.
Full communication support with iCam

Supports camera zoom, focus, iris control and color temperature control directly

           Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, optimized for Windows XP
           DirectX 6.0 or higher
           Pentium with MMX or higher
           500kb harddisk space (more for recording)
           64MB internal memory or more

iCam Desktop for Windows PC

iCam is a professional viewer for Comcam wireless camera's

It functions as a complete IP videophone solution with security features. Anyone on the iCam network is able to talk to others while watching any of the connected cameras. Using a Picture In Picture (PIP) mode, a secondary camera can be watched simultaneously. This is a great advantage since the system is entirely mobile: Any user can go anywhere with or without a camera and still keep an eye on more than one location at a time.

Both iCam Desktop and iCam Deluxe for PocketPC are produced with a similar networking core and it is possible to communicate to and from PDAs using a desktop PC and vice versa while maintaining the full original resolution of the video images.

Sound is supported using the audio server, which is compatible with iCam Deluxe. This allows the user to talk and listen simultaneously using the microphone and sound output of the machines.