PocketMC - the realtime audio effector for PocketPC's                3 September 2004

PocketMC turns a PocketPC into a real time
audio effects machine.
Now with plenty of new features including

It works as a software DSP allowing sound
input to be manipulated with special effects
before leaving the machine. All this happens
in real time, which means that the PocketPC
operates as a live audio effector. You can
talk into the microphone and hear your
voice with a range of simultaneous effects
added to it in high quality!

PocketMC can be downloaded from
Pocketgear & Handango for just $11.95




Update : Major site redesign...                                                      28 November 2004

Welcome to the new Coyote Flux website. This is the Flash/Layers version of the site which will soon go on autodetect to fall back to standard html/non-flash/no layers if a browser accessing this site does not adequately support Flash or layers. Handy for mobile browsers and several other ones. The JMiner gallery is in 100% html now.

New products are about to be announced one of which is a new 3D engine for the GameBoy Advance.
PPC680x0 to become freeware!                                                    29 November 2004

Before the end of this year the source code converter PPC680x0 will become freeware. This is not a sign we will be dropping Amiga support. After some extra fixes and features are done the program will be freely downloadable from this

The old file downloads are now downloadable in one package. You can
download them from here

These files can only be used with real Amiga computers or possibly on an Amiga emulator.

PPC680x0 has become freeware...!                                               30 December 2004

After lots of bugfixes and updates, PPC680x0 has become freeware and can be downloaded from this site. Both the docs and the program have been updated. Since PPC680x0 V2.0 is in beta state, please let us know if the program contains any bugs. PPC680x0 has not been tested on machines without custom chips, so we cannot guarantee that it will work on such systems. It should work under UAE. Have fun !

       Coyote Flux wishes everyone
        a happy and excellent 2005!
Two new programs revealed...                                                                21 July 2005

Fx - A tool for programming  Luminance Foil systems. Luminance Foil is a very flat and flexible material which emits light. It can be used for many purposes such as roadside billboards, neon signs and buttons. Fx can control the animation and dimming of the foil and which parts of the foil lighten up. All with a simple GUI.

Evolution - Highly advanced 3D engine for the Gameboy Advance (SP) and Micro Gameboy. It features a very flexible environment engine, featuring landscape capabilities, overdrawing effects, interrupt based lighting effects, easy map editing and efficient memory usage for huge locations in main memory. More on this product soon.
Coyote Flux presents Evolution 3D engine for GBA                                 22 July 2005

Evolution Advance is a 3D game world modeler and renderer for the Gameboy Advance. Powered by a new software screenmode which has been developed internally, Evolution pushes the GBA to new levels of 3D performance. Read more on the Evolution page!

The homepage for the animation designer and programmer FX is now online. FX is a program to control Electronic Luminance Foils.

The 68K to PowerPC source code converter PPC680x0 has also been updated with a major bugfix in the conversion algorithm. Thanks to Tom Duin for reporting the bug.

Also available is a NoClick module for Kickflash, which can be downloaded here.