Phazer is a puzzle action game for Mophun powered mobile phones! In this game, you have to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of blocks, while keeping your playfield clean by tactically shooting away vertical lines with the "Cowardly Tank". When blocks are shot away, a token falls down which can give you either a bonus or bogus item. During the game, the roof will slowly collapse and the game situation will change.
Phazer features several special effects, including a waving intro flag and smooth multicolored background images during the game. The highest score is always saved away to the phone to keep you puzzling forever!


When the game starts, a title waving flag appears and the Phazer logo scrolls down. You can skip this process by holding the fire button. This will bring you to the title screen.

In the title screen, you can push right to read some short instructions about the game. Left goes back to the title screen, where you can use Up/Down and Fire to make a choice. Pressing Select allows the user to switch between a "normal phone" and a "fast phone". The game will autodetect this, so it should not be necessary to modify it.

The main objective of the game is to get through the 14 levels by obtaining a block count of 20 per level. Block count can be gained by creating lines of at least 4 blocks horizontal, vertical or diagonal or by using the "Cowardly Tank" to shoot away one vertical line and gain tokens. These tokens come in the form of question marks which fall downwards if any blocks were destroyed by the tank. The following tokens exist in the game:
          All the colors of the field will cycle
          One line is removed from the field to increase the playfield size
          Block Count increases by 6
          Block Count decreases by 4
          Block Count increases by 3
          Block Count decreases by 2
          The phone starts vibrating for 5 seconds
          The four following blocks will float up in high speed

During the game you have to make sure that the piles of blocks in the playfield do not reach the place where the new blocks start floating up. This can be achieved by creating lines and by using the tank in a tactical way to get rid of the most useless or the biggest piles of blocks. Things may change when the level increases: Since the two side rows can not be shot by the Cowardly Tank, once in a while these will drop by four blocks on both sides. In other levels, the roof will fall down to decrease the playfield size or the speed of the blocks will be temporarily increased.
When the game is over it will display the statistics of the game and those of the highscore. This highscore is saved away directly after the game is over. If the save is succesful, there will be a message below the screen saying "Highscore Saved". Otherwise, it will notify the player with "Could Not Save". The game controls are as follows:



In Pause mode: Press Fire to select between "Pause" and "Quit". Press "Select" again to confirm one of them.
Phazer works with any Mophun powered phone with at least a 128x160 screen resolution.
Move fast up
Drop blocks
Move left
Move right
Shift colors in "Block mode", shoot in "Tank mode"
Pause / Unpause