Program Features

Maximum supported image resolution: 720x576 PAL 24-bits (using Wavelet compression).

However, since most PDAs have a relatively weaker CPU and use a 240x320 screen, the image can be downscaled. The level of downscale determines the realtime viewing speed and the quality of the images.

Since decoding is the only bottleneck for realtime viewing, the PDA does store the entire 720x576 encoded image in memory. The displayed image is merely a preview of the stored image.

Using Quality Mode it is possible to display the image in its original resolution, revealing all the details even on the relatively small screen of a PDA. iCam always keeps the last ten frames in memory, which can be viewed in full resolution at any time.

Since CPU time is an important issue on PDAs, there are more quality modes available than in iCam Desktop. The first three (LQ/MQ/HQ) determine the decoding quality (lower quality is faster decoding), the second five determine the quality of the image sent by the camera or BNC module. This last quality setting does not influence the speed of iCam (it may run at a similar speed in any mode), but obviously bigger images take up more bandwidth so this is the limiting factor for the image quality settings.

Assembly optimized Smooth Scaler to display low resolution decoded images in acceptable quality and fast framerate using linear interpolation

Allows recording and playing of video with frame-based time- and datestamp. The file format is compatible with iCam Desktop

Audio streaming from any iCam server is supported. iCam Deluxe has a built in server as well to allow audio streaming to other machines.

Airplane BlackBox direct support (supports three boxes with a total of nine cameras in an airplane)

Full communication support with iCam Desktop

System requirements:

Any WindowsCE / PocketPC based PDA
ARM (StrongARM / XScale), MIPS, SH-3 or x86 Processor, ARM recommended

Requires 200kb of memory, more for recording microphone and speaker for audio server/client

For fast high quality viewing we highly recommend the use of a 500Mhz PXA275 based PDA or higher

For wireless communication built-in or expansion based 802.11b WiFi is also required

For more information on adapting and licensing contact Coyote Flux.
iCam Deluxe for PocketPC

iCam Deluxe is a professional viewer for Comcam wireless camera's found at

Both iCam Desktop and iCam Deluxe for PocketPC are produced with a similar networking core and it is possible to communicate to and from PDAs using a PC and vice versa while maintaining the full original resolution of the video images.

Sound is supported using the audio server, which is also compatible with iCam Desktop. This allows the user to talk and listen simultaneously using the microphone and sound output of the machines.

iCam Deluxe is a complete IP videophone solution with security features. Anyone on the iCam network is able to talk to others while watching any of the cameras.
Main selection screen...
Quality mode screen...
Options panel...
Blackbox/Flight mode

Now in special Deluxe version!
Supports all Comcams directly, other camera modules can be added on request.