FX - The Luminance Foil Programmer

FX is an animation designer and EEPROM programmer for the ElConOpt Ltd.
inverter. This inverter is used to control Electronic Luminance Foils.

FX makes it possible to create animations without the use of a text
editor. All the timings, dimming controls, voltage and frequencies can
be modified using the graphics user interface. Moreover, it is possible
to read and write animations directly from/to the inverter's EEPROM.

The program is only available in combination with the ElConOpt Ltd.

FX has the following features:

- Support for up to 16 channel foils
- Handles animations of over 250 lines
- Supports voltage, frequency, delays and dimming
- Prints animations to the default printer
- Reads directly from and writes directly to the EEPROM

For more information about this product, please contact ElConOpt Ltd.