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Evolution Advance is a 3D game world modeler and renderer for the Gameboy Advance. Powered by a new software screenmode which has been developed internally, it pushes the GBA to new levels of 3D performance.

Evolution was originally created as a game engine for RPG's and is therefore aimed at rendering big open air worlds. Naturally, the 3D engine can also be used for other types of games such as first person shooters or adventures.

The new screenmode allows the Gameboy Advance to display full screen double buffered images, with full color and resolution. Because of its special independent effects layer, it is possible to create color and environmental effects in real time. These effects are handled in system interrupts, so they run at 60 Hz no matter how far the 3D output would slow down during complex scenes.

There is no DMA usage when normal rendering is used, so it is free for other purposes. DMA is only activated for very small operations when animated textures are being used. Animated textures can be added to create television screens on the side of buildings among many other things. This goes directly from cartridge ROM to texture memory for near unlimited animation length.

There are some screenshots and video's below to give an impression of Evolution's graphics output.

The image renderer used in Evolution has the following features

Gameboy Advance
STATUS: Up and running

Evolution Advance - 3D engine for Gameboy Advance (SP) and Micro Gameboy
- Fast full screen 15-bits (32768) color rendering
- Full resolution rendering (240x160 with up to 1x1 pixel res)
- Double buffered rendering to avoid screen glitches
- Interrupt controlled 60Hz 3D special effects layer
- No DMA usage required

- Powered by Amiga/AmigaOne systems or any
  computer (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) running UAE.
  This system has been chosen for its video hardware
  timing and its superior pixel based graphics programs and
  image converters, required to get the most out of Evolution.
- Direct import of color images, textures, backdrops,
  height layers and palettes from graphics packages
- Direct export to GBA files
- Partial emulation of the GBA to fully test the 3D world
- Altitude manager and cloner
- Full block editor to create maps

- Mixture of voxels and modified raycasting
- X,Y,Z coordinate system
- Uses 32x32 pixels per block to create the world map
- Mipmapped textures and voxels (3 levels)
- Up to 8192x4096 pixels of surface
- Inner-pixel accuracy for (x,y) movement
  (536870912x268435456 locations)
- Animated tiles and textures using DMA
- Scrolling tiles for water effects etc.
- Independent tile, voxel and scene altitudes
- Location based programmable texture streaming to invisibly switch to new textures/tiles
- Dynamic 60Hz atmosphere effects (palette fading, alpha control)
- Moveable/switchable backdrop image
- Seperate palettes for image and special effects layer
- Independent public Z buffer for object overdrawing
- Main uncrunched code requires approximately 4KB internal memory

Video 1: Fast run through the city with normal daylight environment

Video 2: Environmental atmosphere effects at work alpha and fade
Video 3: Fast run with environmental atmosphere effects alpha and fade
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Real time 3D world
modeler and renderer

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Video 4: Fast run with environmental atmosphere effects alpha and fade